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Open Enrollment is Upon us. Everyone with Obamacare coverage should actively go through their applications to make updates and choose a new plan. Lots of things change year to year, with you and with the plans available. The plan you have now may be your best bet, but the plan you will renew into (if you just let it roll over without doing anything) might not be.

Set up an appointment below for November if you’d like my help figuring this mess out. I also have put a number of resources on my site to help you do it yourself if you’d like.

Changes for 2020 Open Enrollment in Virginia

The last 2 years we’ve only had Cigna and Virginia Premiere in the central Virginia area. For 2020’s open enrollment Anthem is coming back and a new Tech oriented company Oscar is moving in. These additions have increased the competition between the carriers which is good for consumers. Increased competition keeps prices relatively the same and adds better benefits to the plans. Bullet Points below on the major changes coming next year.

Laptop to enroll in Obamacare coverage with help from an insurance broker
  • Specialist Copays are back!!!! There have been none these past 2 years. This is good if you want to see mental health specialist on the regular.
  • Free TeleDoc services with some of the carriers.
  • There will be HSA plans if you want to contribute to an HSA.

If you are currently getting a tax credit:

  • If your income is not changing for 2020 you might not see much of a change in price.
  • Income increasing in 2020? So will your price for health insurance.
  • Income is decreasing in 2020? So will your price for health insurance.
  • If you got married or had kids since we last talked this will affect your price a bunch. Let’s talk to figure it out.

If you don’t qualify for a tax credit:

You may be better getting a group plan if you are self employed or otherwise own a business no matter how small. Rates are slightly less, the networks are better, and you have more choices. Click the button below for more info.

Why use an insurance broker?

This is complicated stuff. I would gladly find other work if healthcare was somehow made super simple and easy to understand, but its not. An insurance broker can walk you through the signup process and offer tons of tips and tricks to bring your cost down as much as possible.

For some, all of your options stink. I can help you pick the least stinky option. Even if that option is going without insurance or a riskier short term catastrophic plan. I can walk you through the pros and cons of all your options.

Have you ever called a health insurance company? Was it helpful? If you work with a broker you can call them for any questions or problems that may arise. We have better contacts within the insurance companies that can sometimes solve issues faster than the call center reps.

Out of network out of pocket max. Does that make sense to you? I can explain these silly concepts in a way that makes sense.

The rate you pay for health insurance has commissions built into the price. You are paying that rate whether you use a broker or not. So when you don’t use a broker you are missing out on extra help that you are already paying for. These commissions and my consulting fee allow me to help you all year long should you have any questions or problems big or small. I am happy to help.

If your the independent type an still want to manage it all on your own you should still add my info to your app or use HealthSherpa so that in the event the insurance company screws something up royally I can swoop in an fix it. It doesn’t affect your rates to use a broker. Check out my do it yourself page here.


“Group” Health Insurance still better than individual market with no tax credit.

The group health insurance market is where you want be if you qualify.  It used to be that you needed at least one common law employee that wasn’t your spouse.  Since a law change in July of 2018 single owners and self employed people have access to this market.     Compared to the individual market options …